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Blue Creek, the restaurant on the water’s edge, at Ghar Lapsi.

Ghar Lapsi, located just outside of the limits of Siggiewi, is a small rocky inlet a kilometre south west of Blue Grotto. Ghar Lapsi lies nestled below a stretch of Dingli’s cliffs, some of which rise to 250 metres above sea level.

Ghar Lapsi means ‘Ascension Cave’ in English, and was named by the local fishermen who had built a shrine here. Ghar Lapsi is an area of spectacular beauty moulded by the land and the climate over thousands of years. A popular spot for local fishermen, in summer Ghar Lapsi transforms into a natural swimming pool, attracting countless snorkelling enthusiasts, divers and tourists. Local children can be seen daringly plunging into the deep waters, whilst tourists prefer to rest in the shade of the surrounding caves and areas of flat rock. Though lacking a proper beach, this natural cove provides fantastic azure blue-green waters that are perfect for a safe and sheltered swim.

During winter, Ghar Lapsi is ideal for hiking tours and rock climbing, whilst indulging in some beautiful scenery experienced nowhere else in Malta. From Ghar Lapsi, the eyes extend all the way along the coast north to Dingli, whilst inland lays the village of Siggiewi and the magnificent 16th Century Verdala Palace, stood like a white sentinel in the sunlight. Five kilometres out to sea, the tiny uninhabited island of Filfa sits cradled in the crystal blue waters, unchanged for centuries.

This natural cove and hamlet is ideal for countryside walks particularly during the spring. The rugged landscape provides a wealth of visual appeal, from the natural flora and fauna of the area to the De Redin Tower, built in the 17th Century. This rugged walk over the garigue bursts with flowers as the summer heat gives way to autumn.

Ghar Lapsi is in increasingly popular diving site thanks to its quantity of parallel reefs that stretch for 200 metres. An intricate system of caves are best dived during the early afternoon when the sun beams through them to provide an amazing web of sunlight, highlighting Malta’s stunning marine flora and fauna. Just some of the fish species to inhabit this area include groupers, rainbow wrasse, seahorses, eels, rays and octopus. Good visibility and lack of currents promise a relaxing dive ideal for beginners and novices, while the delicate cave systems are not to be missed for cave diving enthusiasts.

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We understand that many of our guests wish to relax after their meals, and also many of our foreign guests may not have transportation back to their hotels or accommodation, which could be on the other side of Malta. Many guests may also wish to go directly to the airport to catch their flight home.

We can organise your transport arrangements for you on request.

Public Transport

Bus 109  from 08.49 - 20.49 hrs ( Bahrija, Rabat, Ta Qali, H'Attard, Zebbug, Siggiewi, Ghar Lapsi)

Bus 71  from 09.20 - 17.43 hrs ( Valletta Terminus, Bombi Upper, Blata l-Bajda, Marsa Ottoman, Ingiriet, Luqa Cintra, Zurrieq, Blue Grotto, Hagar Qim, Ghar Lapsi)

T 00356 21222000


Own Transport

From Siggiewi: Go to Siggiewi Bypass and follow signs to Ghar Lapsi

From Zurrieq: Go to Wied iz-Zurrieq Road and follow signs to Ghar Lapsi

From Dingli: Go to Panoramic Road and follow signs to Ghar Lapsi